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Ash Black :iconverreax:Verreax 0 0
Power Unused
When you have to feel happy to be free you have done something wrong,
You are always free even if you don’t think so.
You have to believe you have, a
Power unused.
You always can fly, like a bird in the sky, free on a gentle breeze.
You can be who you want to be, any time, you can change
You can change, be different with your
Power unused.
You don’t have to be alone let others join you can help them fly,
On their wings, you can help them be free,
Show them they have a
Power unused.
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What does the color blue look like? He asked me on that sunny day
Well I said, imagine the smell of the flowers in May.
What is the color that smells like lemon jello?
The color that you think of sir, I believe is called yellow.
What is the color of the rain that kept pounding yesterday?
The color you were hearing sir I think is called grey.
What is the color that you feel when the snow falls light?
The color you imagine sir, I believe is called white.
What do you call the color when you fall face-down?
The color that you fall on sir, I believe is called brown.
What is the color that I see behind my eyes?
The colors that you see sir are the ones that make me cry.
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I Shall Stay
A tentacle creeps, into my world in my sleep,
A moon that’s the color of the sky,
And a woman’s voice so soft and nice sings me a sweet lullaby.
The stars can fall down,
The world can turn around
But I will stay the same
Know me now, know me forever like the mountains, I shall stay.
A coral reef rots away at my grief
A sun that’s the color of night
And a katydid’s song so happy and sweet fills the world with light.
The stars can fall down,
The world can turn around
But I will stay the same
Know me now, know me forever like the mountains, I shall stay.
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The scissors cut out the body,
The glue stick pastes on emotion,
The pencil sketches in the expression
The pen adds boldness,
The water-color adds gentleness.
The acrylic paint adds anger
The water blots add sadness
The finished drawing itself…
Adds Happiness
The DNA cuts out the body
The brain pastes on emotion
The genetic code sketches in expression
Performing adds boldness
Being scared adds gentleness
The people around you add anger
The people you love add sadness
You make happiness.
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Tatonka by Verreax Tatonka :iconverreax:Verreax 0 0 Samantha by Verreax Samantha :iconverreax:Verreax 12 1 Its the process that counts by Verreax Its the process that counts :iconverreax:Verreax 0 0
All people are Born equal int
All people are
Born equal into this world
appreciate who you
are, and who everyone else
be proud
to be...
Gay, Lesbian, Nerdy, Dorky, Weird,
Be proud to be yourself
:iconverreax:Verreax 0 0
Interestingly enough, this is my thesis. See, that was one sentence the beginning of this tale. I wish I had something more interesting to right about but my class time to work on this is running out so I might as well get started. This story is about how hard it is to get an idea to write a story. For this assignment we were supposed to pick a subject (story starters) a purpose (class project) and an audience (People with writers block.) So, I started by asking for a writing prompt from my wonderful writing teacher, Mrs. Washington. She told us to find an idea that we really like and stick to it, a story starter couldn't do that. I agree, but I really need an idea right now. I combed through pictures, read the beginnings of books, had my teacher break apart the symbolism of every picture (which she did very well!) and then finally I put my head in my hands and thought. Well, by the time that I had thought this through it was five minutes till we had to go so the last few sentences wer
:iconverreax:Verreax 0 0
AUUUUUGH! That is me screaming. Do you want to know why I'm screaming? Because (once again) I have no idea what to write about. I was on the floor begging my teacher for a writing prompt but yet again to no avail. I wanted to write about how much I hate people writing about people getting run over with buses but no, I needed to write about something different. "Write about anything" she told me. Anything? What the heck is anything? That gave me a glimmer of an idea a faint light at the end of the tunnel, yes.. yes… I can see it, ANYTHING! That is what I'm going to write about. Yes, of course why haven't I thought of it before!
Okay, anything what does that mean? Dictionary definition, any object, event, action, situation, or fact. Okay, let's throw that away, I only put that in there so I would sound 'professional'. The vast nothingness that is anything boggles the mind, it ensnares the senses, it turns ordinary people like for example, Stephen Hawking into amazing scientists that
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What is someone doing far away?
It's like 6:30 their so is he doing ballet?
That is a really bad rhyme,
I'll think up a better one at a later time.
Is he snapping photos of a pretty sky?
I wonder if he wants to fly.
Another lame rhyme,
But I don't have much time.
Is he reading a book in an old creaky chair?
Or is he riding a chestnut colored mare?
Nobody rides mares
Whatever, who cares?
So what is he doing now, 1,351 miles away?
Probably not Ballet.
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My Story
The Beginning of my Story
Figaro (Fig) and Mona Teatro were left on the doorstep of Teatro La Fenice the theatre Fenice in Venice Italy, the year it had been completed. They were left on the same day one at noon and one at midnight, a boy and a girl Figaro and Mona. From the moment the stage crew met them they fell in love. What's better than having two baby's in the house? The boy was named Figaro because he could sing like an angel; the girl was named Mona because she took a liking to art and costumes. They grew up together under the watchful eye of Paulo Massimo, the stage's director. Figaro begins to take roles acting and Mona is apprenticed to the costume maker, Claudia Benedetto, an old woman born without a right foot. Mona and Figaro are constantly fighting for the spotlight, one in art, and one in music until the theatre catches the eye of a notorious gang called La Morte The Death. Claudia is killed Figaro injured and Paulo disappears. It's up to Mona and Figaro to save the th
:iconverreax:Verreax 0 0
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Hi everyone, (my very, very, small fanbase!)
Sorry I have been neglectful lately life happens, but I plan to come back with full force!
Hope everyone's happy and well
see ya soon!


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I have loved writing since I was young and I always will.


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